Our Story

Where it all began

Following Sixteen Months of extensive renovation and remodeling of the space, SALT Public House opened for business on November 19th 2018. Owned by the Bowles family, Sabrina and Aidan strive to set SALT apart from many of the “run of themill” establishments on the “strip”.
Adopting the formula they used in their previously owned, much larger Irish themed Pubs, they buy nothing but the best, freshest, ingredients. Under Sabrina’s guidance each meal is prepared in-hous

People ask us why Public House. The Public House historically was a step up from Bars or Restaurants, providing a center for the community to gather, exchange ideas, knowledge and information about the local area. In the mid-1600s, in Europe, some public houses even issued unofficial coins, which the innkeepers guaranteed to redeem in the realm’s currency. By the 1800s many of these establishments were divided internally to segregate the various classes of customers.

1309 Gulf Blvd, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785